James Fernando
Began his professional career with 14 years. Graduated from the University of Juiz de Fora and Postgraduate in Business of Fashion by UniverCidade of Rio de Janeiro, Specialized in Fashion Styling. In Brazil, he worked for major companies such as Arpel (JF), TVZ Fashion (SP), Ellus (RJ), Hering (JF) and multinationals such as Calvin Klein Jeans (RJ), Massimo Dutti (Barcelona). It is currently stylist for the Windows Department in MANGO company (Barcelona).

Also worked as a producer of Fashion for the newspaper Tribuna de Minas (JF) and also as a producer of fashion shows for prestigious brands of fashion as Maria Bonita Extra and Hering (JF).

Exclusive T-Shirt!

James releases a t-shirt created by GFT Graphic Arts, especially for him with slogan of the site My Fashion Details.



Styling for MANGO fashion shoot!

Styling for MANGO fashion shoot!

Cara Delevigne y Kate Moss

Debuting new framework of site Bandalho,

stylist-james-fernando-bandalho“Boys of the Brazil", which will be chosen some boys and their styles so that they can serve as inspiration in the blog.


"...In quick visit to Brazil, he came across my invitation and he answers our questions and proved once again that elegance and style go hand in hand with humility. That's being chic!" - Wesley Guedes


Capa da revista online Backstyle.net,

backstyle-magazine-james-fernandosuper nova e interessante, envolvendo consultoria de moda, compras e partilha. Alexs Varjao, a mente criativa por trás deste projeto, admirando o estilo das pessoas ao redor do mundo onde seu trabalho levou-o em diferentes projetos.


"..."percebi o quão importante o guarda-roupa é para pessoas e quão difícil é mantê-lo perfeitamente limpo todos os dias. Isso significa manter o material necessário bem organizado, o que torna muito mais fácil de encontrar e combinar as peças certas e decidir o que vestir naquele dia, a fim de expressar-se. " -  Alexs Varjao

Kate Moss

Styling for MANGO event in London



Preparation of the new editorial for "The CLICK"


"...as always, the goal is to get everyone to see the result of a work that aims to show the fashion in his subtle facet of art form of photography.

Claudia Nunes


stylist-james-fernando-lelook“JAPONNING WITH MARYLUIS”


Street Style o moda de la calle, más de 1000 looks fotografiados en las calles del mundo entero. LELOOK & ONITSUKA TIGER PRESENT “JAPONNING WITH MARYLUIS” : Street Style | Noche Lelook | James Fernando

Studded slippers: Christian Louboutin
Trench: Issey Miyake
Camiseta y pantalones: Givenchy


In the studio