A collaboration between long-standing professionals and newcomers from a range of nationalities – an engaging, exacting and truly special mix – this independent project salutes the power of woman in this new decade. Our vision of her is born from the ongoing revolution taking place in society, a woman aware of the need to reinvent herself every day. She is potent and multi-faceted, but dresses comfortably to carry out the many different tasks in her daily life. She is strong, sexy, contemporary and connects at various points with a glam aesthetic. In order to convey this message through styling, we pushed the aesthetic in this direction while keeping it contemporary, treating the notion of ‘glam’ as a more relaxed glamor, connected to the urban and the daring, without losing its sense of chic.

We combined striking pieces to create impacts of color and texture. Feathers, real and synthetic leathers and dazzling accessories helped us to create a Wow! effect – that feeling you get when confronted by an image of ‘80s fashion, that decade of excess which is closely linked to the current style landscape. The HighLow that was developed in each look allowed our woman to adopt a more modern air, a mix of power with more comfy pieces and silhouettes – a new athleisure. Another aspect to the project was the recycling of old pieces from the Stylist’s personal collection, which added sustainability values to the overall concept.

This editorial also connects a Ukrainian artist with professionals from Juiz de Fora, Brazil and Barcelona, Spain. Designer Vadym Shcherbatiuk created items exclusively for the session: a fanciful pink fuschia blouse with a unique 30-meter silk sleeve, paired with leggings and cowboy boots. Pieces such as a denim jacket with pronounced shoulders and feather details, and a blue dress in synthetic leather with a yellow plush scarf, are some of the most fitting references for our take on UrbanChic. Fashion is wide-ranging and multi-faceted and here, we invite you to take a laidback look at images that allow you to escape, while still keeping an eye on relevant themes.

Written by Duda Veríssimo

Photography and post-production: Gabriel Venzi
Art Direction and Styling: James Fernando
Production: Duda Veríssimo e Alice Ruffo
Beauty: Renata Falci
Model: Laura Bandeira
Production Assistant: Alessandra Patrícia
English translation: Nick Fenn